List of items available thorough World of Warcraft API
Large Blue Sack Large Blue Sack<TOKEN>
Small Red Pouch Small Red Pouch<TOKEN>
Bloodrazor Bloodrazor<TOKEN>
Hammer of the Northern Wind Hammer of the Northern Wind<TOKEN>
Axe of the Deep Woods Axe of the Deep Woods<TOKEN>
Glowing Brightwood Staff Glowing Brightwood Staff<TOKEN>
Broken Cog Broken Cog<TOKEN>
Flask of Oil Flask of Oil<TOKEN>
Small Hand Blade Small Hand Blade<TOKEN>
Tigerseye Tigerseye<TOKEN>
Slicer Blade Slicer Blade<TOKEN>
Riverpaw Leather Vest Riverpaw Leather Vest<TOKEN>
Brutish Riverpaw Axe Brutish Riverpaw Axe<TOKEN>
Wicked Blackjack Wicked Blackjack<TOKEN>
Small Blue Pouch Small Blue Pouch<TOKEN>
Red Leather Bandana Red Leather Bandana<TOKEN>
Silver Defias Belt Silver Defias Belt<TOKEN>
Lifestone Lifestone<TOKEN>
Large Rope Net Large Rope Net<TOKEN>
Heavy Weave Armor Heavy Weave Armor<TOKEN>
Heavy Weave Pants Heavy Weave Pants<TOKEN>
Heavy Weave Gloves Heavy Weave Gloves<TOKEN>
Heavy Weave Shoes Heavy Weave Shoes<TOKEN>
Furlbrow's Pocket Watch Furlbrow's Pocket Watch<TOKEN>
Tanned Leather Boots Tanned Leather Boots<TOKEN>