List of items available thorough World of Warcraft API
Skittering Scarabid Treads Skittering Scarabid Treads<TOKEN>
Viperid Keeper's Gloves Viperid Keeper's Gloves<TOKEN>
Devourer's Insatiable Grips Devourer's Insatiable Grips<TOKEN>
Cowl of Shameful Proliferation Cowl of Shameful Proliferation<TOKEN>
Tarachnid's Terrifying Visage Tarachnid's Terrifying Visage<TOKEN>
Buzzing Predator's Legs Buzzing Predator's Legs<TOKEN>
Amphibian's Nimble Leggings Amphibian's Nimble Leggings<TOKEN>
Poison-Licked Spaulders Poison-Licked Spaulders<TOKEN>
Broker's Gnawed Spaulders Broker's Gnawed Spaulders<TOKEN>
Centripetal Waistband Centripetal Waistband<TOKEN>
Vinebound Strap Vinebound Strap<TOKEN>
Restraints of Boundless Chaos Restraints of Boundless Chaos<TOKEN>
Annelid's Hinge Wrappings Annelid's Hinge Wrappings<TOKEN>
Slick Scale Chitin Slick Scale Chitin<TOKEN>
Vigilant Raptora's Crest Vigilant Raptora's Crest<TOKEN>
Slime-Wake Sabatons Slime-Wake Sabatons<TOKEN>
Harrowing Hope Squashers Harrowing Hope Squashers<TOKEN>
Feasting's Feeding Cloak Feasting's Feeding Cloak
More of a large napkin, really.<TOKEN>
Garudeon's Blanket of Feathers Garudeon's Blanket of Feathers<TOKEN>
Zatojin's Paralytic Grip Zatojin's Paralytic Grip<TOKEN>
Architect's Polluting Touch Architect's Polluting Touch<TOKEN>
Voracious Diadem Voracious Diadem<TOKEN>
Hadeon's Indomitable Faceguard Hadeon's Indomitable Faceguard<TOKEN>
Greaves of Cosmic Designs Greaves of Cosmic Designs<TOKEN>
Immovable Stance of the Vombata Immovable Stance of the Vombata<TOKEN>