List of items available thorough World of Warcraft API
Chipped Boar Tusk Chipped Boar Tusk<TOKEN>
Large Candle Large Candle<TOKEN>
Gold Dust Gold Dust<TOKEN>
Malachite Malachite<TOKEN>
Vendetta Vendetta<TOKEN>
Prowler Teeth Prowler Teeth<TOKEN>
Kobold Excavation Pick Kobold Excavation Pick
Also serves as a mining pick.<TOKEN>
Shiny Seashell Shiny Seashell<TOKEN>
Torn Murloc Fin Torn Murloc Fin<TOKEN>
Stone Gnoll Hammer Stone Gnoll Hammer<TOKEN>
Painted Gnoll Armband Painted Gnoll Armband<TOKEN>
Light Hide Light Hide<TOKEN>
Mageroyal Mageroyal<TOKEN>
Slitherskin Mackerel Slitherskin Mackerel<TOKEN>
Stout Battlehammer Stout Battlehammer<TOKEN>
Forester's Axe Forester's Axe<TOKEN>
Gnarled Ash Staff Gnarled Ash Staff<TOKEN>
Knitted Sandals Knitted Sandals<TOKEN>
Knitted Gloves Knitted Gloves<TOKEN>
Knitted Pants Knitted Pants<TOKEN>
Knitted Tunic Knitted Tunic<TOKEN>
Rough Leather Boots Rough Leather Boots<TOKEN>
Rough Leather Gloves Rough Leather Gloves<TOKEN>
Rough Leather Pants Rough Leather Pants<TOKEN>
Rough Leather Vest Rough Leather Vest<TOKEN>