List of items available thorough World of Warcraft API
Ripe Okra Ripe Okra<TOKEN>
Westfall Stew Westfall Stew<TOKEN>
Rolf and Malakai's Medallions Rolf and Malakai's Medallions<TOKEN>
Holy Spring Water Holy Spring Water<TOKEN>
Sack of Barley Sack of Barley<TOKEN>
Sack of Corn Sack of Corn<TOKEN>
Sack of Rye Sack of Rye<TOKEN>
A Sycamore Branch A Sycamore Branch<TOKEN>
Bundle of Charred Oak Bundle of Charred Oak<TOKEN>
Thunderbrew's Boot Flask Thunderbrew's Boot Flask<TOKEN>
Marshal McBride's Documents Marshal McBride's Documents<TOKEN>
Stormwind Armor Marker Stormwind Armor Marker<TOKEN>
Tough Wolf Meat Tough Wolf Meat<TOKEN>
Red Burlap Bandana Red Burlap Bandana<TOKEN>
Dragonmaw Shortsword Dragonmaw Shortsword<TOKEN>
Shortsword of Vengeance Shortsword of Vengeance<TOKEN>
Melted Candle Melted Candle<TOKEN>
Tunnel Pick Tunnel Pick
Also serves as a mining pick.<TOKEN>
Ice-Covered Bracers Ice-Covered Bracers<TOKEN>
Silverleaf Silverleaf<TOKEN>
Flanged Mace Flanged Mace<TOKEN>
Long Bo Staff Long Bo Staff<TOKEN>
Lumberjack Axe Lumberjack Axe<TOKEN>
Chunk of Boar Meat Chunk of Boar Meat<TOKEN>
Pointy Crocolisk Tooth Pointy Crocolisk Tooth<TOKEN>