List of items available thorough World of Warcraft API
Cured Leather Boots Cured Leather Boots<TOKEN>
Cured Leather Gloves Cured Leather Gloves<TOKEN>
Scalemail Vest Scalemail Vest<TOKEN>
Scalemail Pants Scalemail Pants<TOKEN>
Scalemail Boots Scalemail Boots<TOKEN>
Dalaran Sharp Dalaran Sharp<TOKEN>
Dwarven Mild Dwarven Mild<TOKEN>
Dull Frenzy Scale Dull Frenzy Scale<TOKEN>
Rough Vulture Feathers Rough Vulture Feathers<TOKEN>
Buzzard Beak Buzzard Beak<TOKEN>
Destiny Destiny<TOKEN>
Bracers of the People's Militia Bracers of the People's Militia<TOKEN>
Tattered Cloth Gloves Tattered Cloth Gloves<TOKEN>
Dirty Leather Gloves Dirty Leather Gloves<TOKEN>
Scalemail Gloves Scalemail Gloves<TOKEN>
Rabbit Handler Gloves Rabbit Handler Gloves<TOKEN>
Brawler Gloves Brawler Gloves<TOKEN>
Goretusk Liver Goretusk Liver<TOKEN>
Goretusk Liver Pie Goretusk Liver Pie<TOKEN>
Gnoll Paw Gnoll Paw<TOKEN>
Notched Shortsword Notched Shortsword<TOKEN>
Recipe: Westfall Stew Recipe: Westfall Stew
Teaches you how to cook Westfall Stew.<TOKEN>
Stringy Vulture Meat Stringy Vulture Meat<TOKEN>
Murloc Eye Murloc Eye<TOKEN>
Goretusk Snout Goretusk Snout<TOKEN>