Valiant Band of Stoicism
Valiant Band of Stoicism
Item Level 35
Binds when picked up
+5 Strength
+7 Stamina
+6 Dodge
+6 Parry
Requires Level 30
Classes: Warrior
Sell Price: 1
Valiant Band of Stoicism[.en_US]]
Item Level 35 preview_item.level.display_string[.en_US]]
Binds when picked up[.en_US]]
+5 Strength preview_item.stats[0].display.display_string[.en_US]]
+7 Stamina preview_item.stats[1].display.display_string[.en_US]]
+6 Dodge preview_item.stats[2].display.display_string[.en_US]]
+6 Parry preview_item.stats[3].display.display_string[.en_US]]
Requires Level 30 preview_item.requirements.level.display_string[.en_US]]
Classes: Warrior preview_item.requirements.playable_classes.display_string[.en_US]]
Sell Price: 1

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